Hi there! I am Danilo Godoy, founder and teacher at this academy. 

Did you know that Google relies on an army of remote evaluators to provide feedback on numerous experiments run by the search engine? The core of the job is to rate the relevance of search results and these ‘Google raters’ come from all sorts of background and from more than 40 different countries.

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to search evaluation, let you practice the examples from the guidelines and present an innovative methodology for rating search results called SEA Model. The model is tailored for applicants for Google's search quality rating project, for evaluators that are already in production and want to dramatically improve the quality of their work, and also for SEOs and marketers who are looking to learn more about web search evaluation and apply this knowledge on their content and optimization strategies.

After spending three years doing search quality evaluation for Google, I see that there is an enormous potential for improvements in this field. If the search engine companies work towards fulfilling this potential, I believe that the future for human evaluators is bright.

Who’s on board for that future?