• Read the guidelines in advance

    You don’t need to wait until the company sends you an invitation to take the qualification test before you start preparing for the test. The guidelines consist of a PDF document with 150+ pages that can be tiresome to read at one sitting. Take your time! Few people know that these guidelines are made publicly available by Google, so you can read it anytime at your own convenience.

  • Practice the examples from the guidelines

    After you've read the guidelines, go ahead and test your understanding of that document by enrolling in the General Guidelines Training courses. There you will have the chance to review the guidelines examples in a more engaging and interactive manner. Respondents get a comment on their score for each training batch completed, so that they can assess their potential to pass the exams.

  • Learn the SEA Model

    The SEA Model is the result of over 3 years of my experience working as a top performing rater for Google. The tips and techniques you will find there took me a lot of hard work to develop, and I’m making it available to you through an engaging and resourceful online course. The course is a supplementary resource for applicants who are looking to boost their preparation and also for evaluators who want to dramatically improve their performance and rating skills.

  • Have a strategy

    Some companies won’t accept your application if you mention that you’re applying to similar positions in their competitors. This is because it would be considered a conflict of interest according to their policies. Research about the projects you are applying to and avoid any potential conflict of interest. If your application is rejected or if you reject an offer from one of these companies, it may be difficult to be accepted by them again.

  • Be patient

    After your application is sent, the response time may vary from days to months, depending on the company and your location. I know how hard it can be if you are in a rush for the job. Many online sources suggest that Google employs over 10,000 human evaluators worldwide. Every month, there are probably hundreds of evaluators leaving, making room for hundreds to get in. Your chance will come if you sent a good application.

  • Don't waste your chances

    If you fail the qualification test, some companies may offer the opportunity for you to retake the test depending on your performance (it’s not guaranteed though). If you fail for the second time, it’s very unlikely that you will ever be invited for any qualification again. Be prepared for when the opportunity comes to you!