When you should enroll to this course

If you want to become a search engine evaluator, I suggest that you learn the SEA Model only after you've read Google's general guidelines. Few people know that those guidelines are made publicly available by Google, so you can get a head start on your preparation by reading that document even before you apply. Since not all applicants will pass the resume screening phase, you may like to wait until you are invited to take the qualification test before you buy the course.

If you are already a search engine evaluator, I suggest that you learn the SEA Model before you receive any quality warning. The purpose of this course is to help you develop and maintain a work of excellence, which is critical for any evaluator who wants to stay on the job. 

If you are just curious about search evaluation, I'm glad that you are here! Feel free to enroll to this course whenever it's convenient for you. The SEA Model will teach you all aspects that are taken into account on search results evaluation through an innovative and entertaining methodology. You may also want to check Google's General Guidelines on search quality rating.

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