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The search evaluation project is outsourced by Google to handful of companies who contract with evaluators and are responsible for managing them.

For most locales, the position type is "independent contractor" and some markets may have a limit on the number of working hours allowed per week. 

All raters get paid by the hour on a monthly basis, no matter their locale or position type.

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Below is a list of employers that offer these jobs:


Job title: Internet Analyst / Search Engine Evaluator

Since 2017, most of the evaluators at Leapforce in the US market were moved to a subdivision called Raterlabs. At the end of that year, Leapforce / Raterlabs was acquired by Appen.
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Job title: Personalized Internet Assessor / Rater


Job title: Search Engine Evaluator / Online Web Evaluator / Search Engine Analyst

Please be advised that some of the evaluator positions on iSoftStone's website are for Bing, not for Google.
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