What is a search engine evaluator?

Search evaluation is one of the most sought-after and legitimate ways to make money at home while surfing the web. 

Search evaluators, also referred to as search engine evaluators, web search evaluators, Internet analysts, Internet assessors or search quality raters provide educated feedback and critical insights for search engine companies like Google and Bing

The core of the job is to rate the relevance of search results and their feedback is used to test improvements on the search engine's algorithms. No specific technical background is required to do the job.

If you want to become a search engine evaluator, I recommend that you first enroll in our free introductory course and then read these tips for applicants.

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What are the companies that offer search engine evaluator jobs?

The two most popular companies that hire search engine evaluators for Google are Appen and Lionbridge

In the vast majority of cases, raters are hired by these companies as independent contractors.

What is the salary of a search engine evaluator?

Search engine evaluators earn by the hour and are paid on a monthly basis, no matter their locale or position type.

The pay rate varies depending on the rater's country and the company for which they are working.

According to our research, the current pay rate for newcomers can range from $3/hour (i.e. Appen's rate in India) to $14/hour (i.e. rate in some European countries).

What are the requirements to become a search engine evaluator?

Candidates must have:

  • High-speed internet access
  • Relatively new computer and smartphone
  • Excellent analytical abilities and web research skills
  • In-depth and contemporary knowledge of the local culture
  • Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English and local language (in case you are from a non-English speaking country)
  • University degree is desired, but not mandatory
  • You must be at least 18 years old

What is the application process to become a search engine evaluator?

The search evaluation project is outsourced by Google to handful of companies who contract with evaluators and are responsible for managing them. Currently, the two most popular ones are Appen and Lionbridge.

The first step is to check if these companies are hiring in your locale and then apply. You can check and apply directly through the following websites:

If they like your application, they will get back to you. Please note that this process can take weeks or even months as it will depend on the number of vacancies they have available.

Once you hear back from the company you are applying at, they will send you these General Guidelines to study before taking the qualification exam.

What is the exam like?

The qualification exam for search engine evaluators is divided into three parts.

Part 1 is a multiple choice, "open-book" type of test based on the theoretical content of the guidelines. Parts 2 and 3 consist of tests that simulate a real task. 

In the second test (part 2), you will be requested to rate the quality of webpages, whereas in the third test (part 3), you will have to assign relevance ratings for search results.

How to prepare for the qualification exam?

You can prepare for the exam at Appen and Lionbridge by reading the general guidelines and enrolling in our courses.

Our courses are useful only for those who are applying for the Search Engine Evaluator position, which can be referred to as Internet Analyst at Appen and Internet Assessor / Personalized Internet Analyst / Rater at Lionbridge.

Our courses are not useful for those who are applying for other positions like Social Media Evaluator, Ads Assessor, Map Quality Analist, Multimedia Judge, etc.

Our Quality Theoretical Content Training, which is part of the General Guidelines Training course, can be useful to help you prepare for questions that involve quality in Part 1 of the qualification exam.

To prepare for Part 2, there is a section in the General Guidelines Training course called Quality Training, which is composed of quizzes from the theoretical content on Quality, as well as quizzes from rating examples on Quality. 

To prepare for Part 3, there is a section in the General Guidelines Training course called Needs Met Training, which is composed of quizzes from rating examples on Needs Met.

All quizzes are created from the content of Google Raters Guidelines.

The SEA Model - Master Search Evaluation course is useful for both parts 2 and 3 of the exam.

If you are on a budget, a plausible preparation strategy would be to enroll in the SEA Model course only if and after you've failed your first attempt at the exam -- considering that many applicants who fail are given a second chance.

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